Audit Services in Kuala Lumpur

Our approach is proactive, and our audit services in Kuala Lumpur is designed to provide reasonable auditing & assurance in Kuala Lumpur that the financial statements are not materially misstated and are presented fairly in accordance with applicable accounting standards as well as relevant statutory requirements. We provide comprehensive auditing services in Kuala Lumpur, We are ready to support you, with experience in audit services in Kuala Lumpur and in international market.


Malaysia is one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia, which has the many weak fields such as infrastructure, education, technology and governance. There are many reasons of poverty. For example, the insufficient jobs to support lives, problems of healthy without balance of nourishment, lack of education and so on. Facing these problems, government formulate many policies to response these problems.


The generic name of measures and policies is BOP business to improve the poor conditions of economic. And it is also called inclusive business. It promotes more and more people, who cannot participate economic activities because of poverty, attending business activities and they can catch the opportunities to improve quality of life. In addition, it includes electricity, water purifier, energy and financial department.


Our Services of Internal Audit in Malaysia:


  1. Support service of Introduction of Audit Support Tool


It is essential for managing audit program and related papers such as audit reports and proofs to improve efficiency. In the case of managing paper materials and electronic files by cabinets and file server, it is also difficult to make use of it well. And it will take time and cost to grasp the conditions and add up information.


Hence, by making use of audit tool to make electronic audit report to classify information, it is possible to realize the high level of internal audit. And the process of support is as follows.


  • Evaluation of current conditions


ⅰ) Research of materials and forms of internal audit

ⅱ) Check the conduct conditions of internal audit

ⅲ) Recognize the points of improvement


  • Construction of system


ⅰ) Support the construction of system with introduction of audit tool

ⅱ) Transfer the expertise of internal audit


  • Efficiency and advancement


ⅰ) Advice improvement points of efficiency of internal audit

ⅱ) Advice improvement points of advancement of internal audit


2.Efficiency and Advancement by Continuous Internal Audit


Traditional internal audit always do an ex post factor analysis of internal governance to check whether it is effective or not at some time. However, with the risks becoming complicated, it is necessary to analysis and evaluates the risk control timely and continuously.


It is expected to improve the performance of internal audit by the ways, which will conduct continuous audit of defective items or response to the illegal events.


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